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Pioneer of news-based content, social learning and, most recently, of e-clil1, 7Speaking innovates again, using the efficacy of the 70-20-10 model.

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An addictive linguistic immersion experience.

To acquire new skills, research in cognitive science has proven the efficacy of the 70-20-10 model:

  • Practicing acquired skills (70%),
  • Informal training with colleagues and experts (20%),
  • Formal training (10%).

In order to learn a language, this approach translates into language immersion, during which the learner’s motivation must be stimulated throughout the training period.
The activities we propose have each been conceived to further these two priorities: 70-20-10 immersion and learner motivation. The optimal results obtained by the 7Speaking process come from the unique pedagogical ecosystem through which learners move.

Classes based on the news

Be trained and informed at the same time.

  • Hot-off-the-presses news is added daily, enriched by our teachers and transformed into interactive video classes,
  • On 7Speaking, your classes are led by Barack Obama, Brad Pitt, Mark Zuckerberg, David Cameron, Larry Page, etc.
  • International business news is offered depending on your professional sector and job.
Classes based on the news
Professional skills

Professional skills

Learn English AND leadership, coaching, management…

  • The Professional Skills module allows you to acquire professional skills while learning Business English. You thereby kill two birds with one stone– a first in language learning.
  • To achieve this double objective, 7Speaking has chosen the best professional trainings in the following specialties: Management, Leadership, Human Resources, Professional Efficacy, Time Management, Communication, Teamwork, Sales.

Communities of Professional Experts

Social learning: because we learn alone, but never without others.

  • 18 professional communities led by experts in each field. Exchange, share, get informed with international peers in your field,
  • This space for conversation allows you to consolidate, enrich and practice your skills with the help of our experts,
  • Your contributions are corrected and weighed in the ongoing evaluation of your level.
Communities of Professional Experts
One-to-one classes

One-to-one classes

One-to-one sessions with a native-speaker, certified teacher.

  • All our teachers are native English speakers (American, English, Australian,…) and are certified (TESOL, TEFL). They also benefit from years of professional experience.
  • Your professional needs are the center of their concerns. In order to lead the classes, our interactive tools (class space, white board, document sharing) enrich your dialogue with the teachers. During, before and after the class, you and your teacher benefit from all the resources 7Speaking makes available to you.
  • Flexibility: reserve, cancel, change teachers whenever you like.
  • 18/20: is the average grade given to our teachers by our professional clients.

Conference call

Participate in international meetings.

  • Based on the « Conference Call » model frequently used for international exchanges, spend an hour talking with a limited number of participants and a teacher on a predefined professional theme.
Conference call
Text / Video Chat

Text / Video Chat

Video or text chat with your peers.

  • We encourage you to practice your skills. 7Speaking’s users are international interlocuters who are representative of the kinds of people you will find yourself communicating with professionally in the future. Employees, managers and executives of all nationalities, they have the same goal you do: to make progress in their professional English,
  • To encourage these exchanges, role playing games are offered daily.

Text chat one-to-one with a teacher:

  • At any moment, chat with a native-speaker teacher on the daily debate subject or in free conversation. You’ll never be alone again with 7Speaking!


Discover, deepen, practice: 5 workshops for consolidating the fundamentals.

Vocabulary, Grammar, Business Skills, Pronunciation, TOEIC simulation workshops:

  • Integrate the 1800 essential words necessary for daily professional life,
  • More than 150 specialized vocabulary forms organized by job and industry to help you become immediately operational in your professional specialty,
  • All the subtleties of grammar: discover, deepen or study grammatical ideas or practice for tests,
  • Record yourself and compare your pronunciation with recorded examples,
  • Meetings, negotiations, presentations, writing letters: real-life situations allow you to acquire the right reflexes for typical professional situations.
MicroLearning – Email Classes

MicroLearning – Email Classes

Your English class comes to you if you don’t come to it.

  • Each day you will receive a daily news-based class in your inbox.


  • From the moment of enrollment, each learner receives a starter session by telephone. From then on until the end of training, each learner is periodically followed up with by telephone by our teacher counselors,
  • A language question, a learning question, a technical problem? Our tutors are available at every moment to answer your questions.

1-E-Clil : Content and Language Integrated Learning.

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