Our English Training Courses are 4 times more efficient!

  • Digital Learning & one-to-one lessons in 5 languages,
  • Teaching & Technological innovations  Improve  motivation,
  • 95% user satisfaction in 32 countries and more than 2000 employees.

One-to-one lessons

Face-to-face distance lessons 

7Speaking’s expertise coupled with the excellence of our teachers.

Internationalize your teams 4 times as fast!

Based around the 70-20-10 model, 7Speaking’s program combines teaching and technological innovations: social learning, e-CLIL, gamification and adaptive learning.

We get great results! While other companies spend 200 hours* raising a person’s language skills from level B1 to level B2, 7Speaking spends 50 hours**

* According to ALTE “Average time recorded using traditional methods” 
** According to TOEIC entry and exit tests on a sample of 3156 students on a blended-learning program between 01/01/2017 and 30/08/2017.

A comprehensive solution for all of your language training needs.

What solutions does 7Speaking offer?

General access to language training for all your staff,

UMapping of your whole company’s language levels and needs,

Getting certain staff operational at work 4 times as fast. 

Signing up your students, attaining an optimal take-up rate. 

Unbeatable ROI monitored using KPI

Powerful monitoring tools, Big Data and a graphical dashboard display all the key performance indicators for instant mapping of ROI.

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Forget legal constraints!

Digital signatures, legal documents available online (certificates, attendance records, etc.), Datadock & OPQF qualifications: 7Speaking takes care of everything!

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A new approach to training

7Speaking is a pioneer of Social Learning, of News-Based lessons and of e-CLIL in training, 7Speaking has been using all the latest innovations for more than 15 years.

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With 7Speaking, training results are better than hoped, our students have improved their levels in foreign languages significantly and quickly. Our teaching method wins unanimous support  and students love the wide choice of content, news videos, and the quality of telephone lessons.

Jorge Harguindey

Training Manager, Mercedes Benz

Telephone lessons are of excellent quality and there are many time slots available, particularly suitable for our varied staff profiles. I also really enjoyed the  teaching links set up by the company between their telephone lessons and Elearning, which made the teaching methods coherent so that our staff made significant progress.

Isabelle Assié

Director of Human Resources , Bosch Rodez

Half-way through, at 6 months, we have been congratulating ourselves for choosing 7Speaking because the results are clear : an average of 14 hours online per student, 253 hours of distance lessons have already been taken up and the trainees are impressed by the website and the teachers at 7Speaking (average satisfaction score of 4.3/5 of which 8 gave 5/5).

Arnaud Goyard

Training Manager , Mondelez

More than 2000 international firms use 7Speaking to promote the growth of their companies.

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