Individual solutions for individual needs.

In companies, English language training needs aren’t identical. There can be huge disparities in levels and the needs of individuals are different. We offer individual answers for every objective.

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Identifying the needs

  • Our 7Audit offer allows us to determine the level and needs of individuals in very large populations. A level test and personalized questionnaire are given to every employee.
  • We rapidly generate a summary allowing you to identify different types of needs, priority populations and specific needs. This survey can be quickly and easily deployed.
  • Thanks to the results of the survey and in concert with your company, our curriculum consultants define personalized offers for each identified population, according to your budget.

Our Audit offer

Identifying the needs

The simplified 80-15-5 model

If we simplify, the types of populations usually found in companies reflects the 80-15-5 model.

7Speaking offers a large selection of linguistic activities allowing us to respond to the needs and objectives of every type of population.

Personalized offers

Taking into account your budget, for each identified population our consultants create an offer that allows the right dose of linguistic activities that will allow each individual to attain his or her objectives.
Based on the simplified 80-15-5 model, 7Speaking offers three personalized responses to each of the three populations with three distinct offers:

Therefore, every cent of your budget is used intelligently: all of your employees are trained, and they are trained according to their needs and their impact in the company. 80% of your employees benefit from an effective, efficient, economical training while high-level training will satisfy the needs of your 5% strategic talent population.

The 80-15-5 model is proposed as an example: it is adjusted according to your company and your budget (7Audit Offer). For each of the three offers defined above, the learner profile and program is defined and personalized according to his or her needs.

Our Audit offer
7Speaking’s teaching methods and activities

Cost price and Compared Efficacy:

The most expensive linguistic activities are not always the most effective:

  • For example, individual one-to-one classes aren’t right for a student with gaps in oral comprehension; an online workshop is much more effective (variety of accents, levels, the ability to listen and re-listen at their own speed, with or without subtitles, choice of subtitled language, etc.)
  • On the other hand, an Executive Manager who must frequently speak in public will benefit greatly from individual conversation classes.

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