It’s essential to ensure that trainings achieve their objectives. That’s why 7Speaking measures the efficacy of its trainings in real time and gives you access to all the key performance indicators (KPI). As an added bonus, our reporting tools reduce your administrative workload to the bare minimum.

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In one click, you can see how well the training is going.

  • Control panel: visual indicators show you what’s within normal ranges and what isn’t,
  • A graphic dashboard displays all the KPIs.
Reporting & Follow-up with Learners

Reporting & Follow-up with Learners

A monitoring interface allows you to follow the real-time activities of your learners.

  • A chart summarizes all the monitoring data of all the learners,
  • Dynamic tables that can be instantly filtered by all the displayed columns,
  • Precise tracking: 25 displayable criteria – level, progression, time spent, etc.
  • Identify individual aptitudes and acquired skills,
  • All the reports and tables are exportable in Excel® format.

Personalized data and multi-criteria searches

Tailored reports: display the data that you’re most interested in.

  • Easily create powerful requests with 25 search criteria,
  • Save the personalized views created by your searches and access them again whenever you like.
Personalized data
Documents and administrative follow-up

Documents and administrative follow-up

Your time is precious: don’t spend it doing our job.

  • A powerful, intuitive interface to create for publishing all types of reports and legal documents,
  • Fill out and publish personalized administrative documents (attendance sheets, certificates, etc.),
  • Access to audits from the start of training as well as satisfaction questionnaires.

No more wasted time chasing attendance sheets:

  • Learners sign in with a click at each new session.

We continually track the individual progress of your learners:

  • By telephone, from the beginning to the end of training.

Tutoring and training

The coaching space allows you to personalize trainings and tutor each learner.

  • Assign specific activities to a learner or group of learners,
  • Communicate specific teaching instructions to learners,
  • Add your own resources to their program, for example, a press release, an internal document linked to your business or their job, or simply add your own teaching resources.
Tutoring and training
Agility and Flexibility

Agility and Flexibility

Pay only for what you use!

Some of the competition will bill you for 12 month licenses even though they are only used for three weeks: that time is over.

Depending on the progress and attendance of each learner, make adjustments in order to meet their specific needs. You are guaranteed to pay for only that which is really used.

  • Manage the credits given to each user as you wish,
  • Close under-used accounts and transfer the licenses,
  • Leftover credits can be used the following year,
  • Open access to new users.

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