Determine the level and individual needs of a very large population.

Identifying the level of each person, his needs and the impact on his productivity in the company is the first step in a successful training.

Consultant call-back

Before the training

7Speaking offers a simple and efficient tool for determining what companies need in terms of English-language training: the online audit.

Audit needs, measure the impact on productivity (30 mins).

  • Individual online survey instantly deployed and sent to all employees,
  • Personalized with performance indicators that have been defined together (according to the activity sector and job responsibilities),
  • Identification of the type and frequency of professional situations requiring the employee to communicate in English,
  • Identification of the type and frequency of professional situations requiring a better mastery of English,
  • Impact of linguistic competencies on the productivity of each employee.
Audit needs
Assessment of communication skills in English

Evaluation of the capacity for communicating in English (30 mins).

  • Online test of level (vocabulary, grammar, oral and written comprehension),
  • Package is automated and flexible, no logistical constraints (online test deployed instantly),
  • Levels defined according to a universal scale (ALTE) with equivalencies TOEIC, BULATS, CECR,
  • Dedicated HR interface: a clear, precise reading of results.

Option: Individual oral evaluation of 30 mins with a teacher.

Summary in detail including graph analysis in order to target an optimal ROI.

  • Evaluation of the cost resulting from a poor mastery of English,
  • Analysis of critical professional situations,
  • Identification of each type of need,
  • Recommendations for each population to ensure that the largest number achieve an operational level in their profession.
Detailed Summary
Personalized packages

Personalized packages for targeting an optimal ROI.

  • Creation of personalized packages for each population type identified,
  • Packages aligned with the needs of everyone, taking into account productivity in the workplace,
  • Packages defined according to your budget, strategic objectives and the ROI you expect.

The types of populations corresponding to the 80-15-5 model

During the training

If you select 7Speaking to lead the training, the personalized packages are instantly deployed (in SAAS mode1) on all of your local and international sites. Our international consultants lead the kickoff meetings and coordinate the deployment.

Tracking and Follow-Up.

  • A personalized HR space, a powerful monitoring tool and a graphic dashboard displaying all the key performance indicators (KPI),
  • Adjustments and corrections to packages made depending on the first results (progress, acquired skills, diligence levels).

KPI Tracking: our Back Office Interface

Tracking and Follow-Up

At the end of training

Assessment final audit and ROI measurement.

Assessment final audit and ROI measurement.

  • Individual audit allowing the evaluation of training results according to the model of D. Kirkpatrick2:
    • Satisfaction,
    • Evaluation of acquired knowledge,
    • Evaluation of practical application,
    • Evaluation of the impact of training.
  •  Measurement of the ROI of the training program.

1- SaaS : Solution as a Service
2- Donald Kirkpartick : Former president of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)

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