Teaching Approach

An addictive linguistic immersion experience.

Research in cognitive science has demonstrated the efficacy of the 70-20-10 model popularized by Charles Jennings:

  • Practicing skills (70%).
  • Informal training with colleagues and experts (20%).
  • Formal training (10%).

In terms of learning a language, this approach requires an immersion in the language and requires that the learner’s motivation be stimulated throughout the entire training.

An addictive linguistic immersion experience

Learning a language is a collaborative, interactive process that requires a daily exposure. The 7Speaking approach resembles total immersion. Thanks to the proposed activities, you are plunged into a veritable linguistic bath where practicing the language becomes natural. 

In fact, 7Speakings linguistic activities were concieved to pursue these two priorities:

  • 70-20-10 immersion.
  • Motivating the learner.

The optimal results coming from the 7Speaking process originate in the one-of-a-kind pedagogical ecosystem through which the learner moves.

7Speaking’s teaching methods and activities


Comparing the efficacy of training methods.

Only fifteen years ago, language learning revolved around three primary methods, requiring learners to choose based on price or on efficacy :

  • Cheap Audio and CD-Rom methods, didactic methods.
  • Classes.
  • Language stays abroad.

Classes conserve a large clientele and language stays abroad are extremely effective.
7Speaking’s linguistic immersion accumulates the advantages of these two methods without their drawbacks (expensive, inflexible).

A recognized, certified method.

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