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Digital language training is finally accessible to all your employees!

  • The best ROI for your language training plan,
  • A complete map of corporate needs and levels,
  • An optimal training strategy for every category of employees.

6 benefits of digitalising your linguistic training offer

Digital Transformation

Help your company integrate digital technology and assess its degree of maturity when it comes to using digital tools.

Employer Brand

Promote your brand internally, retain and attract the brightest talent with latest-generation digital training programs. 


Get rid of the usual constraints of processing individual requests and provide your employees with quicker access to training.


Make sure your employees are ready to effectively take on the international challenges facing your company. 

Economies of scale

Implement large-scale language training for the same price as traditional training. 

Big Data

Put data at the heart of your analyses. Monitor and analyze your employees’ progress and engagement in real time by managing the ROI of your training programs. 

Cross Training: A Revolution Is Under Way.

Language learning is different from other kinds of training: it generally isn’t about mastering a specific skill within a few hours. And yet, there is a growing demand for language learning from employees, who also want more autonomy and self-accountability in their learning process*. In addition, traditional training strategies rarely deliver the desired results and only a small number of your employees benefit from them.

Digital Learning and the All Access Package allow HR managers to meet individual needs across the board – which is what adaptive learning is all about – while suppressing the tedious logistical and administrative tasks inherent to traditional training plans. Particularly relevant when it comes to cross-functional skills (which should hopefully be acquired before an employee is hired), this offer allows you to help trainees become responsible for their own learning.

Over the past few years this paradigm shift has essentially been observed in large companies and/or corporate universities. They offer freely accessible language Digital Learning for all employees for several years, and all employees can be trained efficiently.

In addition, the 7Speaking All Access Package allows you to precisely map your company’s language needs and levels, and identify which categories of employees would benefit from additional one-to-one lessons. With the 7Speaking All Access Package you can of course upgrade priority employees to an optimal blended learning offer – at no extra cost!

The 7Speaking All Access Package also allows you to help your company integrate digital technology and assess its degree of maturity when it comes to using digital tools.

Major companies use the 7Speaking All Access Package and are happy with it! Want to share their experience? We can put you in touch with our clients!

*Toward Maturity, 2017 and learning Technology Survey, Don Taylor 2017

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Make the most of the 7Speaking Full Access Package in 4 steps:


Implement language training for all your employees

  • Give your employees free access to the most popular* professional cross-training type,
  • A just-in-time, ATAWAD** training program,
  • Corporate universities and LMS: the modules are 100% AICC/SCORM compatible and have SSO.


** Any Time, anywhere, any device

Map your entire organization’s language needs with Big Data

  • Identify the type and frequency of professional situations requiring the employee to communicate in English,
  • Instantly measure the impact of your employee’s level of English on their productivity,
  • Identify which employees are the most involved in their training,
  • Get instant learner feedback on the selected training programs.


Define training priorities according to each population type

  • Identify those of your employees whose level and needs require additional training to digital self-learning,
  • For each learner, 7Speaking helps you define the best ratio between self-learning and individual sessions,
  • Manage the cost per employee according to the expected working level,
  • Make sure you offer easy learning approaches tailored to each trainee’s professional needs.


Adjust your strategy as you go and manage your ROI in real time

  • Monitor your training plan individually thanks to the Big Data feedback in your HRIS (LMS); 25 follow-up indicators: level, progress made, time spent on the platform, etc.,
  • Measure the gap between a learner’s expected and actual level at any time through your customized HR space,
  • Manage your training programs’ daily ROI thanks to a graphic dashboard displaying all the KPI.


Entrust all your language training skills to one supplier

5 languages taught and 12 interface languages


An example of how our solutions can be implemented in your company

If we simplify, the types of populations usually found in companies are based on the ‘80-15-5 model.’


Over 2,000 international companies use 7Speaking to ensure their growth


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