Face-to-face long-distance classes

7Speaking’s expertise combined with our teachers’ excellence.

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Experts in face-to-face long-distance trainings.

  • Thanks to our extremely selective recruitment process, 7Speaking boasts the most experienced, effective teachers in one-on-one language training.
  • All of our teachers are native speakers of the five languages offered. Their professional experiences give them the ability to match the most specific professional requirements. Their goal is simple: ensuring the learner is operational in the situations he will encounter in his job as quickly as possible.
  • 7Speaking positions itself as a high-quality solution and our learners agree: our teachers get an average grade of 18/20 from our professional clients.*

Our Certifications

Des professeurs d'anglais par téléphone expérimentés
Une formation par téléphone éprouvée

The efficiency of a proven method

Our teaching methods use the two main learning channels: auditory and visual. The simulations and exercises offered allow learners to definitively anchor their targeted skills in daily practice.
The first class evaluates the lerner’s level and identifies his/her needs and goals. A tailored program is jointly created. Each session is based on a method that is proven efficient, the VAR method: 


  • Vocabulary: learning the lexicon for each targeted skill.
  • Activity: assimilating and using vocabulary in context.
  • Role Play: scenes based on professional situation.

Thanks to the role playing games, the learner uses new vocabuarly and most importantly increases his/her confidence and spontaneity by confronting professional situations that s/he would frequently encounter in his/her job. After the 30 minute session, the targeted skill has been acquired and the learner is immediately operational in the skill.

The learner is tested at the end of each session to measure his/her progress. Videoconferences and phone calls are the primary communication tools when using a foreign language in an international job setting. It is therefore particularly natural from a pedagogical point of view to use these channels when learning to speak a language.

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The complementarity of individual classes and weblearning.

  • After individual classes, the teacher produces a detailed report in which s/he gives recommendations and corrections to any errors detected during the class.
  • Additionally, teachers assign targeted e-learning activities such as business skills, professional skills, grammar, vocabulary, social learning, etc. in order to develop and anchor skills. Skills acquired during e-learning classes are consolidated during one-to-one distance classes, and vice-versa.
  • This type of alternance aims to increase regular exposure to the language and to strongly engage the learner in his/her goals.

7Speaking Activities and Training Methods

Des cours d'anglais par téléphone en one to one
Des professeurs d'anglais diplômés ou certifiés

Teachers selected for their excellence.

  • All of our teachers are native speakers of the five languages taught,
  • Their diverse origins allow learners to become familiar with a variety of accents (American, British, South African, Australian, etc.),
  • They have degrees or certifications (TESOL, TEFL etc.), and many years of professional experience in companies,
  • Many of our teachers also master ,;: the native language of our learners (French, Italian, Spanish, German), allowing them to facilitate the first exchanges and reassure beginners.

Free yourself from the constraints of traditional classes.

  • Competitive prices,
  • Flexible reservation and cancellation policies, book your session up to an hour ahead of time, cancel with only three hours’ notice,
  • Minimal logistical requirements: only a landline phone, computer or a smartphone is necessary,
  • Change teachers whenever you like. Your professional context, your training objectives and your level are shared across teachers: the continuity of your training is ensured!
Le présentiel à distance : mieux que les cours d'anglais en face à face
Cours d'anglais par téléphone/Skype en visioconférence

Discover 7Speaking’s distance learning classes: an incomparable experience!

  • Learners can book their classes whenever they want, with the teacher they want. The learners’ diligence is thereby greatly improved.
  • Classes take place face-to-face thanks to videoconference technology (without plugins) and is as effective as in-person classes; teachers use the interface to enrich and bring their classes to life:
    • document sharing (PowerPoint presentations, mails, photos, graphs, etc.)
    • work space (written communications for spelling words, copying, pasting, internet links, etc.).
  • Class effectiveness is reinforced during and after the session thanks to complementary online activities that share the
    same goal. The continuity and coherence of the training become obvious and the complementarity of each modality is maximized.
  • Very results-oriented, 7Speaking’s distance learning allows learners to become professionally operational in record time!