Is your business a training centre? Don’t miss out on the “Digital Learning” Revolution:

  • Offer distance learning language training with your own teachers,
  • Increase your potential market and create new revenue streams,
  • Become a player in the linguistic e-learning and mobile learning fields in only a few clicks!
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Silver Partners

Increase your turnover.

A complementary revenue stream:

  • Clear a margin on services furnished by 7Speaking,
  • Benefit from economies of scale on e-learning,
  • No investment on your part required.
Increase your turnover
Complete your offer and win RFPs for blended learning

Complete your offer and win RFPs for blended learning.

A selection of services that complement those which you currently offer:

  • A complete, modern e-learning offer (social learning, e-clil1, daily news-based content, video chat, etc.),
  • Individual classes by telephone,
  • Group distance classes.

Ready-to-use formulas that can be deployed anywhere in the world.

An international dimension:

  • 7Speakings formulas are in Cloud mode and can be instantly deployed,
  • Available on computers, tablets and smartphones,
  • 5 languages taught and an interface available in 12 languages,
  • Teachers in every timezone,
  • Our solutions are plug-in free and technical assistance is ensured by 7Speaking.
Ready-to-use formulas
With one click, check to see how the 7Speaking training is progressing

With one click, check to see how the 7Speaking training is progressing.

Monitoring & Follow-up of your learners:

  • Control panel: indicators let you know what is within normal ranges and what isn’t,
  • A summary table displays the tracking data of all of your learners,
  • Precise tracking: 25 displayable criteria – level, progression, time spent, etc.

Learners prefer the 7Speaking method.

A method at the cutting edge of technological innovation and cognitive science:

  • An addictive language immersion experience based on a large selection of complementary activities: social learning, e-clil1, daily news-based content, specialized vocabulary, business skills, vocabulary workshops, grammar, pronunciation, etc.
  • 91%2 of users would recommend 7Speaking to peers,
  • A drop out rate reduced to 6%2 by the end of 6 months.
Learners prefer the 7Speaking method

Gold Partners

Tutoring with 7Speaking: ensure the overall coherence of the multi-method training

Tutoring with 7Speaking: ensure the overall coherence of the multi-method training.

The coaching space allows you to personalize the 7Speaking training and coach learners:

  • Assign specific activities to a learner or group of learners,
  • Stay in touch and communicate learning instructions,
  • Add your own teaching resources to their personal programs,
  • No investment on your part required.

Create online interactive classes.

Turn your material or press articles into interactive classes:

  • An intuitive class creation interface allows you to generate truly interactive multimedia classes,
  • Personalize the testing interface to create tailored tests,
  • No investment on your part required.
Create online interactive classes
Adapt 7Speaking to your needs

Adapt 7Speaking to your needs!

Easy to use, simple and flexible to administrate:

  • Create personalized client offers (length, module access, etc.),
  • Enroll learners, activate and deactivate accounts, transfer licenses or credits.

Strengthen your image and your client proximity:

  • Personalize the learner interface with your logo,
  • Personalize communication with your learners (personalized emails, personalized reports),
  • Benefit from powerful tools for distance classes with your teachers (white board, document sharing, etc.).

Add your own teachers to 7Speaking for one-to-one distance classes.

Benefit from a powerful online reservation management interface:

  • Use your teachers (or 7Speaking’s teachers) for one-to-one distance classes,
  • Manage teachers (schedules, billing, etc.) and advanced online reservation management.
Add your own teachers to 7Speaking for one-to-one distance classes
7Speaking: a renowned choice

7Speaking: a renowned choice.

7Speaking doesn’t advertise: our clients are our best ambassadors!

A key leader of the market:

  • More than 2000 international companies in more than 15 countries: Mercedes Benz, Bosch, La Poste, ING Direct, Deloitte…
  • More than 50 schools and universities: IESEG, EM Normandie, ESTACA, ESSCA…

An OPQF-Certified Training Organization.

A durable choice:

  • In 2016, 7Speaking’s financial health received a rating of 4+ from the Banque de France.

1- E-Clil : Content and Language Integrated Learning.
2- Étude 2015 portant sur 12 692 apprenants sur un parcours de 6 mois
3- La note la plus haute étant 3++ et la plus basse 9

This reactive and proactive organization is in tune with the market, trends in computing and new technologies... 7Speaking has always been evolving; the development of new features has allowed them to improve our students’ operational expertise in the language. The quality and usefulness of 7Speaking training courses are well-proven.

Marine L. – CEO
Monceau Langues