7Speaking training courses and disabilities

Access to our courses

  • The language training courses on our Digital Learning platform are accessible to all disabled people with reduced mobility. However, they are not yet fully adapted to the hearing and vision impaired (use of audio and video).
  • For face-to-face remote courses (telephone, videoconference), the training courses are adapted to people with hearing or visual impairments.


CPF training and disabilities

In accordance with the Law for the freedom to choose one’s professional future (Loi pour la liberté de choisir son avenir professionnel), special terms of payment are granted to people with disabilities.

  • Disabled people in institutions and services for assistance through work (ESAT) with employee status have an amount of 800 € per year (capped at 8000 €).
  • Employees with a level of qualification lower than or equal to level V (CAP) have similar rights.
  • In the near future, an increase in rights for all beneficiaries of the obligation to hire disabled workers (BOETH) will be implemented to facilitate their professionalization.
  • Employees who are disabled workers will be eligible for the CPF TP (CPF de transition professionnelle) with a view to professional development, without the requirement of two years’ seniority in the company.


If you need help with these questions, please contact the following organizations:

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75019 Paris
01 44 52 40 60
[email protected]
192 Avenue Aristide Briand
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Website: https://www.agefiph.fr
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For more information, please contact our disability advisor: Janeth Mathieu, by phone at 0144750977, or by email: