Increase the international competitiveness of your company!

Have you already calculated the loss of competitiveness to your company because of your employees’ inability to communicate internally or with your clients, suppliers or partners? Imprecise language, lost time and misunderstandings have a considerable impact on productivity.

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Evaluate the linguistic skills of your entire company.

Instantly determine the level and individual needs of a very large population:

  • Individual online audit and level test,
  • Summary allowing you to identify each type of need and your priorities.

Target an optimal ROI: offers aligned with each of your identified priorities:

  • Creation of personalized offers according to your budget, your strategic goals and your expected ROI.

Our Audit offer
Our customized offers

Evaluate the linguistic skills of your entire company
Manage your ROI

Manage your ROI.

Investing in training without managing the ROI can rapidly turn into a bottomless pit.

With one click, ensure that the training is achieving the goals you’ve set:

  • A personalized HR space, a graphic dashboard displaying all the KPIs, powerful monitoring tools,
  • At the end of training, an online individual audit allows you to precisely determine the return on investment.

KPI Tracking

Make your life easier!

Instantly deploy in all your international sites:

  • Cloud mode solution (SAAS1),
  • Kickoff meetings and deployment coordinated by our international consultants,
  • Integrated with your LMS (Single Sign-On, AIIC norms or LMS parameters).

Entrust your linguistic trainings to one supplier:

  • 5 languages taught and 12 interface languages,
  • Complete offer: one-to-one classes, group classes, e-learning, microlearning, etc.
Make your life easier
Reduce your training budget

Reduce your training budget while achieving more training.

The era of large face-to-face classes is over.

An unbeatable Results/ Cost Price ratio:

  • An addictive immersion in language at the most competitive price in the market,
  • An optimal efficacy thanks to an innovative formula based on the most recent advances in cognitive science,
  • A drop-out rate of less than 6%2,
  • Formulas aligned with individuals’ needs.

Our customized offers
Pay only for what you use!

Opt for innovation!

Kill two birds with one stone:

  • Get trained simultaneously in English and Leadership, Coaching, Management3
  • The best4 professional trainings help you learn English, too.

Innovate with Social learning:

  • Because we learn alone but never without others: exchange, share, be informed with international professional peers,
  • 18 professional communities led by professional experts.

Trained when and where you want:

  • Formula available for PCs, Macs, Tablets and Smartphones, Android and iOS systems.

7Speaking’s teaching methods and activities

Opt for innovation
Benefit from TOEIC® and BULATS®certifications

Benefit from TOEIC® and BULATS®certifications.

By partnering with two prestigious certification organizations, ETS GLOBAL and CAMBRIDGE, the 7Speaking formula benefits from TOEIC® and BULATS® certifications.

Our certifications

7Speaking: a renowned choice.

One of the key leaders of the market:

  • More than 2000 international companies are clients in more than 15 countries: Mercedes Benz, Bosch, La Poste, ING Direct, Deloitte…

A training organization certified OPQF.

A durable choice:

  • In 2016, the financial health of 7Speaking received a rating of 4+ by the Banque de France5.
7Speaking: a renowned choice

1- SaaS : Solution as a Service
2- Étude 2015 portant sur 12 692 apprenants sur un parcours de 6 mois
3- Management, Leadership, Ressources humaines, Efficacité professionnelle, Time management, Communication, Teamwork, Vente.
4- WorldMediaFestival 2014 : gold award in the category of Training: Learning Programmes. Gold award in the Corporate TV: Learning category. Silver award in the Education: Professional Education category.
5- La note la plus haute étant 3++ et la plus basse 9